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French drains

We install only the best, no question of cutting corners on your home!


The BNQ 7 hole rigid PVC drain is clearly superior to the agricultural drain, not only is it less likely to be out of level, but also it is more resistant to soil pressure and has less chance of collapsing and having to To be replaced. Are you in the presence of ferrous ochre? No other type of drain should be installed!


4 - Backfill

Our works are all done with the trench protected by a geotextile which prevents the earth from falling back into our "clean" zone. We then backfill the trench with about 12-14in tall of 3/4 net gravel to surround the drain. Once the gravel is placed, we fold the geotextile over it so that the earth never comes to mix with our gravel. The rest of the backfill is made with the earth that we excavated (unless a special request)


2 - Membrane

After cleaning the foundation and making all the necessary repairs, we install a rubberized liquid membrane Aqua-Bloc™ which has a2000% elongation and withstands over 45psi of water pressure!


5 - Cleanouts

n installing cleanouts, it will always be possible to inspect and clean the drain in the future.
We place drains for the curbstones too, these are not connected to the drain, they only channel water into the gravel around the drain


3 - Protective layer

Over your foundation and its beautiful new membrane, we place a final layer of protection for 4 reasons:
1.Block hydrostatic water pressure on your foundation
2.Give a  slip plan for frost heaving in the earth
3.Protect when backfilling
We prefer to install a type 2 EPS insulation for this task, because it does not require nailing into your foundation and gives a 4th benefit:
We can also install waterproof growth membranes such as Delta-MS™

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